Compliance Services


Our software platform is built on a rock-solid foundation, starting with Microsoft Dynamics (NAV and CRM) and Microsoft SQL server, in addition to custom applications that together create the most fully loaded, efficient and compliant platform that exists today. This has literally transformed the way people buy wine over the phone, and we do it in full compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.

We offer the following system assurances for your safety, security and peace of mind:

  • PCI/FCC/TPCA Compliance certification
  • GDPR & CCPA Compliance certification
  • We use Nation Change Of Address (NCOA) lookups for bad data
  • All systems employ Cell Phone real-time TCPA compliance scrubbing before any call is made
  • services included with all of our solutions.
  • Intelligent call suppression
  • Internal Safe Harbor DNC list compliance and procedures
  • Email address validation
  • Automatic customer life cycle validation – we know when it’s legal to call everyone on your list.
  • Automatic new customer discovery/import*
  • Customer & order synchronization*
  • Real-time DNC compliance checks*
  • Credit card pre-authorization*
  • Automatic order uploads*

* – (with qualified OMS System)

We have partnered with and we can consult with you on all telephone and data related compliance services as we have built the best solutions in the business.  Are your current method compliant? “I didn’t know I needed to be compliant,” or “We call with our own staff,” are not a valid defenses.  We have retained the top legal experts since 2013 in the field of the revised and expanded Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA, August 11, 2016), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 14 April 2016) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA, January 1, 2020).  Most of these laws are recent and have far reaching effects.  We can provide example language for your data collection efforts as well as best practices for opt-out notifications to gain full compliance with these laws.

Our systems have been built from the ground up to fully support each of these laws and regulations.  We can help keep you compliant as well!

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